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Soderberg Mfg. Co., Inc. Receives the 2011 Supplier of the Year Award from Lockheed Martin

December 1, 2011

news image SMCI was honored with the Lockheed Martin "Supplier of the Year" award for 2011. This achievement exemplifies SMCI's dedication and determination to manufacture the best aircraft lighting products in terms of quality, function, delivery, and value.

SMCI introduces all new line of LED Utility Cockpit Lights

February 10, 2011

news image Soderberg Mfg. Co., Inc., a leader in advanced, high performance aircraft lighting, proudly announces the launch of our new revolutionary line of qualified LED Cockpit Utility Lights that offer significantly increase of life, light output, and reduced power consumption in comparison with our incandescent version. In contrast to the competing LED Utility Lights, our all new line of LED Utility Lights offer the same sturdy aircraft grade aluminum housing, dual mode capabilities and dimming mechanisms offered in our original incandescent powered utility lights. Qualification testing has been successfully fulfilled without failure in accordance with the environmental test requirements of MS17245 and MIL-L-6484. SMCI is currently offering the LED Utility lights in the following dual mode configurations: NVIS White & NVIS Green A, Warm White & NVIS White, Warm White & NVIS Green A, and Warm White & Red. The lights are also available in single mode, currently offered in Warm White. SMCI is presently engaged in deriving additional configurations and welcomes any requests for customer-specific configurations.

SMCI receives Aerial Refueling Lighting Award for 767 Tanker

news image Soderberg Mfg. Co. Inc., received the award of the Refueling Pod lighting system for the 767 Aerial Refueling Tanker program in the second quarter of 2003. The program lighting requirements involved combining previously developed standards with newer advanced technologies. One of the lighting requirements for the 767 Tanker included the Pod Status light, a Dual Mode unit which supplies visible and covert signaling to the pilots during the refueling operation. The 767 Tanker Pod Status Light is based on a design developed by SMCI for use on the KC-130 Refueling Tanker, and has been adopted as the recognized signaling standard throughout the industry. For the 767 Tanker program, LED (Light Emitting Diode) technologies were incorporated into the lighting designs. The main concern voiced by the aircrews was the variation between the colors produced by incandescent and LED light sources. SMCI developed specialized circuitry allowing for proportional dimming characteristics similar to the dimming capabilities of incandescent lamps and the operational requirements and output color of LEDís verses standard illumination sources. The results of these efforts has produced a superior Air Refueling Lighting System that provides the same color light output, with lower operational power requirements, while continuing to ensure that the pilots and aircrews involved in the refueling operations remain informed of the status of, and above all, as safe as possible during, the operation. This is an example of the capabilities of SMCI. The incorporation of the latest technologies, as well as continuing the tradition of Quality, continue to be a priority of SMCI.

C-130 Gets Twice As Bright

news image In the first quarter of 2004, Boeing awarded SMCI with the coveted exterior lighting retrofit for the C-130 AMP Program. SMCI beat out the competitors by proposing to modify all lighting for the C-130 without requiring any modifications to the aircraft structure or existing wiring. SMCI took this opportunity to show both innovation and the use of the latest LED technology to create several new combined visible and covert products. By utilizing the newest and brightest LED technology, SMCI developed several new dual-mode units that meet or exceed the requirements of existing visible-only lights. These new units are designed to meet NVIS Friendly requirements and MIL-STD-3009, the latest lighting standard. SMCI achieved what few others could: a complete exterior retrofit of the C-130 to NVIS Friendly requirements and adding complete covert lighting. The end result of these efforts was a new type of C-130 with a complete new mode of operation giving it twice the lighting options.

SMCI Certification to AS9100 / 2009 Rev C / ISO9001/2008 is now complete

news image Soderberg Mfg. Co. Inc. is pleased to announce that a re-certification audit, performed to the requirements of both AS9100/2009 Rev. C Aerospace Standard and ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management Standard, was conducted on February 2012. Soderberg Mfg. Co. Inc. is proud to announce that the audit has been passed and SMCI is now certified to the requirements of ISO9001/2008 and AS9100/2009. By achieving a worldwide quality system standard, that is applied equally to all suppliers of aircraft components, assemblies, and the final product, these requirements ensure a consistently high level of quality throughout the aircraft. The incorporation of these systems also eliminates the traditional requirements of each and every company performing quality audits on each and every one of their suppliers. The registration will lower operating costs, ensure a consistent level of quality from all sources, and increase time savings. SMCI is committed to the continued adherence to these requirements, while providing the highest levels of quality possible in all products manufactured for our customers.



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